____outxofxluck (____outxofxluck) wrote in basic_crochet,

Crocheted Men's Underwear

Alright... I'm seriously looking for a pattern to crochet men's underwear or a very simple pattern for men's short's that I could use as boxer shorts. A friend of mine was given me shit about crocheting while watching Golden Girls and his friend over heard. So he requested some underwear. He told me that if I could actually do it then he'd wear them at least once. I'm pretty much a beginner, only been doing this since April or so. But, I'm getting relatively decent at it. Learning new stitches and such. So if anyone knows where I can find a pattern, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I was hoping for a free pattern that I could just use with the yarn stash I have right now. But at this point I would be willing to pay for one. Money is tight, but it's all good. This is just a big joke between friends. So the pattern doesn't even have to be that nice or good looking. It been as ugly as ever. Doesn't matter. Just as long as it is for men's crocheted underwear. LoL.

Thank you to anyone for their help.
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